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About Creek Metal Detector Sales Specializing in Detech Coil Sales. I have always enjoyed finding things. As a kid up through college I searched for arrowheads,  rocks and fossils. One day I saw an ad for a metal detector in a magazine and a week later I was digging up everyone’s yard in the neighborhood with my White’s 6000. Over the years as newer and newer technology appeared I updated my equipment and my collection of colonial and silver coins, rings and jewelry increased, along with my detecting skills.

Forty years later I am still swinging and finding coins and jewelry but there was one thing that  I had never found- a gold nugget- which makes sense, since nuggets are extremely rare to nonexistent in Pennsylvania where I live. Still every time I picked up a copy of the Mining Journal there were people in pictures finding nuggets, sometimes handfuls, other times just one big lump. All the people had one thing in common, they were smiling. I decided that I too wanted to be happy and find some gold nuggets, but where?

 After two years of reading detecting articles, and watching videos on nugget detecting I decided that my best bet for finding a gold nugget was Western Australia. In 2012 I spent a month there with a local prospector and armed with a Minelab GPX 5000 I found several ounces of gold and learned what it takes to find gold nuggets in highly mineralized ground. In the spring of 2013 I had a medical set back with my back and had to have an operation, still I returned to Australia two months later and found some more gold. My story, Detecting the Out Back was published in the February 2013 issue of ICMJ`S  Prospecting and Mining Journal.

I am handicapped to the point where I must use a cane to get around, my balance is precarious to say the least but my desire to continue detecting is my driving force. I designed a pick that can also be used as a cane and I have several other ideas and equipment modifications that will keep me detecting for many years.

 If one is serious about gold nugget detecting, only the best equipment will do and that`s why I sell Minelab detectors. Their GPX series of detectors have no equal in gold detection and in a game of inches, they are yards ahead of the competition. If I walk over a big deep nugget, I want the best chance to recover it and Minelab detectors be it gold or treasure are my best bet to get it in my hands.

 Recently there is a new company that has entered the gold detection field. Detech Coils of Bulgaria has come up with some cutting edge technology in the production of quality additional coils to complement the Minelab GPX, GP and SD series of gold detectors. These coils are becoming extremely popular on the Australian gold fields for their robust construction, sensitivity and deep penetration for large and small nuggets at a reasonable price.Creek Metal Detector Sales is proud to be the North, Central and South American distributor for these innovative coils.

Out Back tested, Out Back tuff, get on the gold with Detech!

 In addition to these fine products we also sell the following quality detectors, Whites, XP Deus and Falcon metal detectors, these machines were chosen because they are unique in their field and are known for their technology, quality of construction and ease of use.

Whites metal detectors offers superior machines for the novice up to the expert with turn and go programs that just about guarantee success.

 The Falcon MD 20 will find a fly speck of gold in a rock and are a must for those chasing gold. The XP Deus is totally wireless and hits hard on deep targets with hair splitting discrimination and offers a five year warranty with Free down loadable up dates.

I also offer additional accessories such as Lesche diggers and shovels and Detecting books to get you started on the road to finding treasure quickly.

I welcome calls and emails to discuss metal detectors, coils and detecting. I am learning too and welcome your comments and ideas.

So let`s get started!

What treasures are you walking over?

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